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Tufts University is launching the T-TRIPODS institute, which will focus an interdisciplinary effort across multiple departments and campuses to advance the understanding of foundations of data science. The project seeks to support the first three years of the operation of the institute, and will support a culture of interdisciplinary research and learning in data sciences across multiple departments, fostering collaboration among mathematicians, computer scientists, and electrical engineers, as well as with scientists and scholars in a wide range of application domains. The model is built around overlapping three-year focused research topics, with an offset timeline, so that each year, the oldest research topic sunsets while a new research topic is added. For each focused research topic, the project will convene interdisciplinary teams of mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians and electrical engineers to address timely questions and solve important problems on the frontiers of data science. Complementing and completing the research effort are teaching and curriculum development efforts for data science at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. Furthermore, the structure of T-TRIPODS will foster specific and deep connections with application domain experts in several areas, leading to translational research. T-TRIPODS is strongly committed to Data Science for All, and will partner closely with the Tufts Center for STEM Diversity to broaden participation in undergraduate research opportunities in data science at Tufts.

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