Undergraduate Summer Research Programs

We believe that the opportunities in data science should be open to all, so we are committed to diversity and inclusion. One of the roles of the institute will be to create data science research experiences for Undergraduate students. Our partners in this are

Undergraduate students at Tufts who are interested in applying for summer research experiences in data science should do one of two things, depending on whether they have already identified a faculty research mentor or not:

  • If you have already identified a faculty research mentor, apply together to Tufts Summer Scholars, and check the box that says it is ok for other programs at Tufts to consider your application. 
  • If you have not identified a faculty research mentor (or even if you have) please apply to  the  T-TRIPODS DIAMONDS program and we will make the match. Please see the T-Tripods Diamonds page for more details about the program and how to apply, application deadlines and program dates.
  • Also, you may want to consider the new Tufts math department  NSF REU summer program, including some data science projects.
    More information is here: https://sites.tufts.edu/verseimreu/

Undergraduate Students from any institution: we are excited to announce one almost brand new and one entirely brand new NSF REU summer program opportunities at Tufts.  Please note: by the requirements of NSF funded REU sites, you must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident to be elligible to apply. 

             Visiting and Early Scholars’ Experiences in Mathematics Research Experiences for Undergraduates (VERSEIM-REU) is an intensive ten-week summer research program in applied and pure mathematics. VERSEIM is sponsored by the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates under grant DMS 2050412 and the Department of Mathematics at Tufts University.  More information is here:  https://sites.tufts.edu/verseimreu/


The DIAMONDS REU at Tufts is our newest REU program. directed and managed by Tufts Center for STEM Diversity (CSD), in collaboration with the Tufts Computer Science department and Tufts T-TRIPODS Institute.  The DIAMONDS REU aims to provide a directed, intensive and mentored opportunity in Data Science, and we are committed to  open pathways to data science research to under-represented undergraduate students. This REU will emphasize the interdisciplinary aspects of data science, enabling students to develop skills in data analysis, analytical thinking, and problem solving, as well as technical presentation development and delivery.  Our DIAMONDS REU program will engage a diverse cohort of 10 undergraduate students in interdisciplinary data science-driven discovery and innovation, combining an individual research experience well integrated into both the faculty mentor’s research group and the larger DIAMONDS community. The centerpiece of DIAMONDS is for the student DIAMONDS Scholars to have the opportunity to work with a faculty research mentor on a data science research problem. During the REU program, the science experience is coupled with: (1) a rich set of programming around how to approach the research to get the most out of the time, (2) professional development experiences focused on pathways to graduate school or data science careers in industry, and (3) social events aimed at building a strong peer mentoring cohort among the students of the program. As DIAMONDS Scholars progress through the program, students will gain (1) the ability to critically analyze data and synthesize information; (2) awareness of tools for data analysis; (3) the ability to critique and generate material for scientific communication; and (4) awareness of guidelines for ethical conduct in research. Students must be US Citizens or Permanent residents who have spent at least 1 semester as an undergraduate student before the start of the summer program, and will be spending at least 1 semester after the summer program as an undergraduate student before they graduate. For more details, see: