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We believe that the opportunities in data science should be open to all, so we are committed to diversity and inclusion. One of the roles of the institute will be to create data science research experiences for Undergraduate students. Our partners in this are

Undergraduate students at Tufts who are interested in applying for summer research experiences in data science should do one of two things, depending on whether they have already identified a faculty research mentor or not:

  • If you have already identified a faculty research mentor, apply together to Tufts Summer Scholars, and check the box that says it is ok for other programs at Tufts to consider your application. Tripods will fund some additional students/projects with data science-focused projects.  Deadline is March 2.
  • If you do not have a faculty member or project already in mind, consider applying to the new T-TRIPODS DIAMONDS program (also open to undergraduate students outside of Tufts provided they are members of under-represented groups in STEM) and we will make the match. Deadline March 15. DIAMONDS is a program of the Center for STEM Diversity at Tufts.
  • Also, you may want to consider the new Tufts math department  NSF REU summer program, including some data science projects.
    More information is here: