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Our first research focus area concerns the study of Graph and Tensor representation of Data. Graph and tensor representations provide parsimonious models for representing high-dimensional yet structured data, and moreover allow the mathematical tools such as harmonic analysis, linear algebra, and combinatorics to be used to develop theoretical understandings of complex data.
Topics considered will include:

  • New Theories and Algorithms for Multiscale Graph Analysis
  • Modeling Graph Hierarchy with Generative Models
  • Tensor Representations for Learning and Analysis
  • Tensor Representations for Graph and Network Data

In Spring 2020 we are running special sessions on the mathematics of Data Science at the AMS sectional meeting, with a focus on graphs and tensors.

In Spring 2020 we are running an ideas lab connecting graphs and tensors to problems in drug discovery

In Summer 2020 we will have an intensive reading group with Research Focus I faculty and their associated graduate students

In Fall 2020 we are running a 2-day workshop TBA, probably on graph algorithms for scientific computing

In Spring 2021 we are running a 2-day workshop TBA, probably on tensor techniques for multiway data analysis