T-TRIPODS will address three research thrusts. Research Focus I (Graphs and Tensor Representations of Data) in the first year, which will be joined by Focus II (Collecting, Modeling, and Learning from Data with a Spatial or Temporal Dimension) in the second year, and Focus III (Data Guarantees: Analysis of Data with Assurances of Quality, Transparency, Fairness, Privacy, and Trust) in year three, which will bring the institute up to full capacity with three research foci running simultaneously. All research foci will include cross-disciplinary training of graduate students; workshops that bring together experts and early career scientists from math, computer science, and electrical engineering; training modules in application-specific concerns around ethical safeguards for data usage and analysis; and an Ideas Lab activity to connect researchers from the core research topics to domain experts in four identified broad application areas:

  1. Biological and Biomedical Data
  2. Education and Cognitive Science
  3. Smart Cities, Development, and Design
  4. Computational Arts and Humanities (including Language and Music)

T-TRIPODS will be integrated within Tufts' new Data Intensive Science Center (DISC) and will synergize with and enhance existing Tufts University degree programs in Data Science.