Leadership Council

Leadership Council and Leadership Team

  • Lenore Cowen: Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics, Director of T-Tripods
  • Misha Kilmer, Department of Mathematics, Leadership Council, Director of Research Focus I
  • Eric Miller, Department of Electrical and Computer Science and Engineering, Leadership Council, Director of Research Focus II
  • Bert HuangDepartment of Computer Science, Leadership Council, Director of Research Focus III
  • Abani Patra, Director of DISC, Department of Mathematics and Department of Computer Science, Serves ex-officio on the Leadership Council

Other Key Personnel

  • Ellise LaMotte, Director of the Center for STEM Diversity at Tufts, Chair of the Broadening Participation Committee
  • Patrick Florance, Director of Academic Data Services at Tufts, Liason to DISC critical infrastructure committee
  • Alva Couch, Department of Computer Science, Resident Expert for Tufts Degree Programs in Data Science
  • Laurie Goldman, Department of UEP, Head of the Assessments Committee